Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Date Posted: 09-17-2013

ProFIT (Product Fulfillment Information Tracker) Product Mgr. – Louisville, KY

The Company:  OpenSoft Technologies, a subsidiary company of Farheap Solutions, is a custom software development and professional services company with extensive experience in building custom e-commerce solutions, industrial automation, and mission critical enterprise applications. Our business is to provide customers with speedy, quality printing, all accomplished through our e-commerce web site.  
The Opportunity:  We require an experienced project manager who has solid knowledge of Qt/C++/QML.  Reporting to our senior executives, the candidate will schedule and lead our engineering team in building a sophisticated suite of highly cohesive and loosely coupled print manufacturing applications. This position requires an interdisciplinary skill set with a focus on client-server distributed architecture, requirements/business analysis, project scheduling, and project costing skills.
The Challenge:  OpenSoft Technologies is the kind of company technical people love.  For this position the candidate must be able to create a master plan for redesign of our proprietary software called ProFit (which incidentally runs our mission critical production line—no pressure there!).  This requires that the mammoth application currently in place be split into a series of manageable modules that communicate with a core system.  Additionally, functions will be designed that do not exist today.  All of this will be accomplished using C++ and Qt, converting code where necessary from the current PHP applications. 

In summary, the successful candidate will be responsible for directing all architectural and technology decisions, possessing the requisite experience to be the authoritative source for the project team.  Must be at a T4 level.

The Responsibilities:

  • Work with the project team to gather requirements underlying feature requests;
  • Keep the project on schedule within cost;
  • Propose remedial strategies to recover from or to avoid project slippage;
  • Evaluate risks and opportunities of the proposed design changes;
  • Provide architectural guidance for Qt/C++ development, becoming the technical focal point for these technologies;
  • Define, distribute, and schedule features among multiple applications on different platforms;
  • Manage software release cycles to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solution
Skills and Experience:
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills;
  • Proven ability to plan I.T. projects, to assign tasks, to assign resources, to cost projects and to report project status to senior company management;
  • Ability to gather user requirements;
  • Current development experience with Qt5.1/C++/QML (Qt Quick 2), porting Photoshop layouts into QML and integrating with C++ on Linux, Windows 8 and Mac workstations;
  • Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a quickly-changing environment;
  • Strong business and technical vision - willing to recommend alternative technical and business approaches;
  • Familiarity with distributed system architectures and RESTful web services;
  • Familiarity with test-driven development and continuous integration;
  • Computer Science or related degree;
  • Russian or German language a plus (we have developers in those countries);
  • Familiarity with the printing industry a plus.
The Rewards:
  • Competitive compensation package including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, paid vacation;
  • Working with current and future technologies;
  • A chance to contribute in a direct way to the growth and profitability of the company;
  • Opportunities for advancement as the company grows;
  • The freedom to contribute ideas while working with top notch developers from around the world;
  • CREATING something new, providing the satisfaction of real accomplishment. Lawson
Farheap Solutions

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