Facilities Manager

Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Date Posted: 04-24-2012
Print Fulfillment Services, Inc. is our primary domestic printing and manufacturing facility located in Louisville, KY.  Print Fulfillment Services offers anyone who needs high-quality printing at a great value.   Services include next day delivery of promotional, marketing and branding products, mailing services, and custom, user-designed, manufactured and printed promotional materials. Print Fulfillment Services has become one of the largest printers in the United States, and a best in class printing and manufacturing operation.

The facilities manager will be responsible for coordinating facilities employees and teams regarding day to day operations and special projects. This manager will oversee maintenance on all equipment, including preventative maintenance. Provide day to day operations and support to include repairs, facilities maintenance and site inspections that will include; mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, generator/UPS, alarm monitoring, audio visual equipment, furniture, locksmith service, pneumatics service, and KBA printing presses. Reports to Plant Manager.

  • Assist with Safety and Security including evacuation procedures, disaster recovery, EPA compliance, ergonomics and security monitoring equipment.
  • Coordinate effective housekeeping throughout facility.
  • Drive and document cost reductions and cost savings initiatives
  • Manage facilities operations, overseeing, coordination, and scheduling of construction and renovation projects, as needed.
  • Knowledge of Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC and building systems.
  • This manager must have experience in Microsoft Project.
  • Available after hours for needed work and job emergencies.
  • Strong organizational, administrative, record keeping, & time management skills
  • Successful experience with motivating and managing staff and vendors
  • Schedules and able to perform regular inspections and maintenance of all the machinery in the facility.
  • This manager must have excellent verbal and written communication skills with knowledge in Microsoft word, excel, office, and share point.
  • The candidate selected must be dependable, reliable, and detail oriented with good organizational skills as well as have self-initiative
  • Ensures operation of machinery and mechanical equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements on production machines.
  • Monitors and controls maintenance costs
  • Ensures that there are no breakdowns or disruptions in the production processes.
  • Ability to locate sources of problems by observing mechanical devices in operation; listening for problems and effectively troubleshooting.
  • Schedules maintenance and service activities to limit impact on production schedule.
  • Keeps detailed records of all service, maintenance and refurbishing works carried out on the machinery.
  • Controls downtime by informing production of routine preventive maintenance techniques; monitoring compliance.
  • Maintains a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Ensures all teams/shifts communicate well together by documenting and thoroughly communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs. 
  • Contributes to team efforts by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Performs extra duties as necessary to support quality requirements and delivery schedules.
  • Increase running time on all machines.
  • Ability to reduce cost through proper preventive maintenance.
  • Advanced customer service skills, professional attitude, & appearance
  • 5 years + experience with Management (Facilities and/or printing experience preferred).
  • Technical knowledge of printing production equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, bindery cutting equipment, conveyers, and various computer programs.
  • Be able to coordinate multiple projects at once.
  • Have the ability to motivate maintenance personnel under pressure.
  • Successfully demonstrate the ability to manage personnel working on various shifts.
  • Possesses the skills that generate ideas that can lead to reduction of cost and improvement of work processes.
  • Have excellent, problem solving and organizational skills.
  • Detail orientated.
  • Strong organizational, administrative, record keeping & time management skills.
  • The candidate selected must be dependable, reliable, and detail oriented with good organizational skills as well as have self-initiative.
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background and drug test.
  • Experience supervising contractors.
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