Developer, PHP Sr.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date Posted: 04-25-2012
     is a bleading edge software company run by developers for developers. We are dedicated to the use and advancement of opensource technologies. OpenSoft has expertise in building custom e-commerce solutions, industrial automation, as well as iphone and adroid applications. Farheap Solutions founded OpenSoft to create software that would create new opportunities by changing the way people do business. OpenSoft is the result of our desire to be the trusted software and services provider to innovative, technology intensive enterprises.. OpenSoft subscribes to a philosophy of short timelines and open and transparent coding -checkin early and checkin often”. We promote commenting on others code, across projects. OpenSoft encourages “Friday” projects. Every Friday is yours, to work on your own private project.
    At OpenSoft we believe in direct interaction, not layers of management. Developers do not write a single line of code until they fully understand the vision and take ownership of the project. We believe in Agile methodologies and have several projects using continuous integration and continuous deployment. Although many projects my live for many years, we try to cycle our developers thru different types of projects every 2 years to keep both the projects fresh with new ideas, and our developers current on new technologies.
    We are looking for dynamic, energetic, and smart Developers to join our team, building our next generation of applications
    Position - Sr. Web Developer
    This is a development lead position. You will be directing a team of 3-5 developers, mostly other Senior PHP developers. You will be making architectural decisions keeping with the best practices of OpenSoft, Symfony 2 framework, and the open source community. You will work directly with the business leader/stake holder and will not just understand and implement, but extend that vision. You will be responsible for the timeline, roadmap, and code quality of your project.
    You must have:
    5+ years experience in programming
    3+ years experience in PHP 5.2 or higher.
    2+ years experience in a PHP framework such as Symfony or Zend
    3+ years experience with SQL
    Would be nice to also have:
    Experience with PostgreSQL
    Experience with MongoDB
    Experience with GO, JAVA or C++
    A thorough understanding of sessions, security, and authentication policies and best practices
    Architectural design experience
    Modern message queue usage and familiarity
    GitHub account
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